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Mt Caburai Extreme Amazon Expedition

9 Night Trip, 6 Night Trek

This extreme Amazon Jungle Expedition Trek takes you on the trek up Mount Caburai, the extreme northern point of Brazil on the border with Guyana. Only 1,465m high, but surrounded by almost impenetrable Amazon Rainforest and with remote indigenous lands to traverse along the way, this expedition trek is a serious undertaking over genuinely wild terrain.

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This Amazon Jungle Expedition Trek takes you to try to conquer Mount Caburai, the nothernmost point of Brazil and one of the most remote mountains in the country. The peak has only been visited by a few hundred people, and most of those are military personnel. A small-plane flight over the Amazon Rainforest gives you an idea of how difficult the terrain below might be, as you begin in a remote community and pass through indigenous territory on the way upriver to the slopes of the mountain. Tough jungle trekking, crossing wild rivers on foot or on tree-trunk bridges, camping in the rainforest, dealing with the extreme conditions of heat, humidity, mud, heavy rain and more is definitely not for the feint-hearted!

This Mount Caburai Trek is a serious, demanding multi-day trek, which requires people to be of excellent physical fitness and health, to have plenty of hiking and trekking experience, and also lots of determination. Amazon Expeditions are hard work, with heat and humidity a factor at lower altitudes. With Mount Caburai only reaching up to 1,465m/4,835ft, then the altitude will not be a factor, nor will the cold of the higher mountains, although this Extreme Amazon Expedition will have plenty of factors to test your endurance! 

Combining with Mt Roraima and perhaps also an extension to Angel Falls, the highest waterfall on earth, is also possible after descending from Mount Caburai. 

Combines With: Mount Roraima and other Amazon destinations close to Manaus; Angel Falls

Best Time to Visit: There is usually only one Mount Caburai Expedition scheduled in March most years, although private expeditions can be arranged. For this idea though, a large group would be recommended due to the high costs of the expedition logistics that need to be shared between the participants.

  • Destinations: Amazon - Boa Vista & Roraima
  • Duration: 9 Night Trip, 6 Night Trek
  • Trip Style: Adventure
  • Activities: Hiking & Trekking - Ecotourism

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Day 1 : Arrive in Boa Vista
Manaus to Boa Vista
Your flight arrives in Boa Vista after connecting via Manaus (in most cases). Boa Vista is the state capital of Roraima, the most northerly state in Brazil which borders both Venezuela and Guyana. This small city was founded on the banks of the Rio Branco in 1890, and now has a population of just over 250k. It is also the only one of 26 Brazilian state capitals located in the northern hemisphere, with the equator lying 300km to the south. On arrival in the city you will be welcomed at the airport and transferred to your hotel. The day is then free to enjoy Amazon cuisine and recover from the journey to the Amazon Jungle before the briefing on your Mount Caburai Expedition.
Day 2 : Setting out for Mount Caburai
Boa Vista to the Manalai Community
The day begins with the expedition group taking the small-plane flight from Boa Vista to the Manalai Community, flying low over canopy of the Amazon Rainforest. Mount Caburai lies some 80km east of the better known and more accessible Mount Roraima, deep in prime Amazon Rainforest, with simple riverine and indigenous communities being the only human inhabitants of the region. Manalai is one of those, and your expedition begins here. The history of conquest of the mountain begins in 1930, when Marshall Candido Rondon led an expedition mapping the north of Brazil, including the extreme northern point which is also the source of the Rio Uaila.
Day 3 : Mount Caburai Expedition Trek
Mount Caburai Amazon Expedition
Today you set out for the top of Mount Caburai, a trek that will take some 4 days to reach the summit, if that is possible at all! The conditions in the Amazon Rainforest are extreme and not all of the few expeditions setting out in the last decade have made it to the top. Even in good conditions, days include at least 6 hours of tough hiking as you head up the Rio Panari, with five crossings of it, either in shallow water or along tree trunks that bridge the banks. Camp must be set up by 4pm as this close to the equator, daylight is always 6am to 6pm, and darkness comes very quickly in the forest. Campsites are in the rainforest close to the riverbank.
Day 4 : Ingariko Territory
Mount Caburai Amazon Expedition
The Ingariko indigenous people live in the lands between Matalai and Caburai, traditionally a warrior tribe who maintain their close links with the forest and its produce. They worship the indigenous Makunaima god and exalt the environment that purifies the air that they breath! From the villages it is possible to see the distant cliffs of Mount Caburai, and here in the middle of the remote jungle, the Ingariko have four language variants which differentiate them from the surrounding ethnic groups. There are 9 neighbouring Ingariko communities with around 800 inhabitants between them, some of whom you are bound to come across during the trek through their territory.
Day 5 : Amazon Expedition Supplies
Mount Caburai Amazon Expedition
The supplies for your Mount Caburai Expedition Trek are all included. Cooking equipment and all meals, sleeping equipment too being two-man tents or hammocks strung between Amazon trees that may be hundreds of years old. Water can be obtained during the trek from the pau d'agua tree, and also from the skies! Rain is possible at any time of year in this region of exhuberant rainforest. Meals are made with supplies carried by porters, supplemented by forest fruits and native vegetables and edible fungus. Your guide will ensure that you learn an amazing amount about the Amazon Rainforest, and its plants and creatures, during your days of hiking.
Day 6 : Amazon Rainforest Residents
Mount Caburai Amazon Expedition
Your days of hiking will all be enlivened and coloured by various species of plant, flower, bird and animal. There are many medicinal plants used for centuries by the indigenous people of the area. Flowers are not so numerous on the dark canopy floor, although rare orchids can add splashes of colour. The plumage of exotic tropical birds also brightens the trail as they accompany the trekking group along the open sections. Parrots and macaws, toucans, hummingbirds, and many more. Monkeys, sloth and anteaters may be observed up in the trees, while tapir can be found taking a bath in sheltered creeks. Spiders and snakes are other creatures of which to be aware!
Day 7 : The Northernmost Point of Brazil!
Mount Caburai Amazon Expedition
Today is the day scheduled to be the one that you reach the northernmost point of Brazil, 1,465m up in the Amazon Rainforest! Very few expeditions have made it this far, due to the remoteness of the territory and the difficulty of the terrain. After Marshall Rondon and his team, Mount Caburai was just about ignored by visitors for the following decades. The Brazilian Army used it for training purposes, and this was when it was discovered, as recently as 1998, that Caburai was 85km further north than Oiapoque on the coastal border with French Guiana. After this, it wasn't until 2005 that the army allowed expeditions with non-military people, and Caburai became an Extreme Amazon Trek possibility.
Day 8 : Descending from Caburai
Mount Caburai Amazon Expedition
After spending a night on the summit of Monte Caburai, you begin the descent. The possibility of conquering the mountain as a trekker came with the idea of Jose Pereira Filho to visit all four corners of Brazil, despite being in his 80s at the time! The first expedition didn't make it to the top but the few expeditions since have managed to conquer Caburai. If you make it up then you would be one of only a handful of non-military personnel to have done so! Most are male, although there have been a few intrepid female trekkers, beginning with journalist Viviane Nunes, the first (known) woman to make it to the top of Mount Caburai with the 2005 expedition.
Day 9 : The Final Day of Hiking
Mount Caburai Amazon Expedition
After the main descent comes the crossing and recrossing of the Rio Panari, before arriving at the Manalai community village once more for your final night in the Amazon Rainforest. Here you can take your boots off, rest your feet, and dry your clothes. Dinner is in the village, and you can learn how the locals use manioc, the staple plant of the Amazon, for food and many other uses, and enjoy some time playing with the children there. Your last look at your friends in the Manalai community comes on the final morning as your small plane leaves their landing strip to rise above the Amazon canopy and take you over the rainforest back to Boa Vista.
Day 10 : Flying Away from the Amazon
Manalai Community to Boa Vista & Away
On arrival in the city you can either fly south to Manaus or Brasilia to head home or visit more of Brazil. You could also head north into Venezuela to be conquered by Mount Roraima and to visit Angel Falls, the highest waterfall on earth. This Mount Caburai Trek is a genuine Amazon Expedition which will challenge even the most experienced hikers - the jungle is hot, humid, wet and muddy; the rivers can be wild and fast-running after rain up on the slopes; insects and potential encounters with larger creatures add to the danger factor; conditions are extreme! Only serious trekkers should even consider undertaking this one, but those who do are guaranteed a memorable Brazil adventure!
PRICES Simple 3 Star 4 Star Luxury
Per Adult * US$ 2,650
Domestic Flights ** N/A

Suggested Hotels Simple 3 Star 4 Star Luxury
Boa Vista & Roraima


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Do I need any special vaccinations for the areas visited during this tour?

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You may be advised to take a course of Malaria tablets. Yellow Fever Vaccine is highly recommended/essential for the Pantanal & Amazon region, plus the certificate to prove it, and possibly Hepatitis A and B Vaccines.
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