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Florianopolis & Santa Catarina Tour

9 Days / 8 Nights

The island of Florianopolis and the mainland of Santa Catarina in the south of Brazil are the fastest growing tourist destinations in Brazil. The combination of wonderful natural scenery in the stunning beaches, mountainous interior covered with Atlantic Rainforest, dunes and lagoons, plus a thriving nightlife full of beautiful Brazilians have put Floripa firmly on the map, with continental beach towns such as Praia do Rosa offering similar pleasures. rn

The island of Florianopolis and the mainland of Santa Catarina in the south of Brazil are the fastest growing tourist destinations in Brazil. The combination of wonderful natural scenery in the stunning beaches, mountainous interior covered with Atlantic Rainforest, dunes and lagoons, plus a thriving nightlife full of beautiful Brazilians have put Floripa firmly on the map, with continental beach towns such as Praia do Rosa offering similar pleasures

  • Destinations: Florianopolis - Santa Catarina
  • Duration: 9 Days / 8 Nights
  • Trip Style: Traditional
  • Activities: Ecotourism - Beaches

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Day 1 : Arrive in Florianopolis
After arriving on the island of Florianopolis, you will be welcomed at the airport and transferred to your hotel. During the journey you can appreciate the beauty of the island, the rugged mountain spine, the dunes and lagoons and of course the beautiful beaches adorning the whole coast. The view from the plane is a special one and the views from the hilltop roads as you descend into Lagoa da Conceicao are also special. After arriving at your hotel the day is free to explore the beach and lagoa area.
Day 2 : Floripa Beaches
One of the main reasons to visit Florianopolis are the 40 or so beautiful beaches adorning the island. The attraction lies in the variety of them, with the calmer waters of the continental side, the built-up northern beach resorts, the wild Atlantic surf of the east and the quiet fishing villages of the south. There is something for everyone to enjoy, from the more touristic beaches of Praia Mole and Joaquina that attract surfers and a younger crowd, to those beaches only reachable by foot or boat such as Galheta, Matadeiro and Lagoinha do Leste. A little time exploring some of them is highly recommended, with the eastern Atlantic coast and the southern tip especially memorable.
Day 3 : Dunes & Lagoons
The Dunes and Lagoons of Floripa occupy a good part of the eastern side of the central spine. They embellish the beauty of the mountains and beaches, as well as providing the perfect setting for fun on the sandy slopes and shallow waters. The Joaquina Dunes are perhaps the favourite spot, the highest hills are the best for sandboarding and toboganning in front of laughing crowds. They stretch from the beach to the shores of Lagoa da Conceiçao, the heart of the island. The shallow lagoon has sailing boats, kayaks and kite-surfing with parasailers circling down from the mountains too.
Day 4 : The Tranquil South
A day exploring the south of Florianopolis gives you a look at the more traditional lifestyle of the Azoreans who arrived in the first days of 17th Century colonialism. Beaches are named for the fishing and whaling activities and traditions of the original fishing communities still continue. Armaçao, Matadeiro and Pantano do Sul still retain the fishing community feel, with colourful boats unloading their catch. Lagoa do Peri is the island\'s tranquil lagoon, hemmed in by mountains on one side and trails around the shore close to the sea. After sundown, dinner overlooking the beach is recommended, with seafood of course being the speciality.
Day 5 : Floripa Fishing Villages
If you want to spend a little more time looking at the cultural side of Florianopolis, there are more traditional fishing villages to visit, some on the shores of Lagoa da Conceiçao at Costa da Lagoa with its seafood restaurants sitting on the lagoon. The western side of the island looks out over the rest of Brazil, with oyster farms and bayside restaurants serving them fresh in Sambaqui, Santo Antonio de Lisboa and Ribeirao da Ilha. Evenings in Florianopolis showcase the nightlife culture of the island, with many bars and clubs full of the beautiful people of South Brazil around Lagoa da Conceiçao especially.
Day 6 : Santa Catarina Beach Tour
Florianopolis to Praia do Rosa
Today you travel to Brazil! After leaving the island by the bridge, you drive an hour down the Santa Catarina coastal highway to Guarda do Embau, a beautiful beach protected by a curving river behind the dunes. A boat trip, swim or surfboard paddle is necessary to reach the sand. You can also rent kayaks to paddle upriver through vegetation or walk the headland trail with views along the beach. After lunch, the journey down the coast continues, with the surf capital of Garopaba, and beaches such as Silveira, Ferrugem and the Siriu Dunes within a short drive of town. You continue to Praia do Rosa, your base for the next few days.
Day 7 : Rosa and Around
Praia do Rosa
Praia do Rosa is possibly the finest beach town in the south of Brazil, and reaps the benefit of residents that care for the area. The beach and lagoons have wonderful places to stay on the hillsides overlooking them, and trails through headland vegetation to more stunning beaches in either direction, to Praia do Luz and Vermelha. The trail over to Luz is also wide enough for horses, and a ride over and down onto the sand is a wonderful way to explore the area. Evening has many good options for restaurants on the sandy streets, and the relaxed, cosmopolitan outlook of Rosa makes for a fun night.
Day 8 : Rosa Activities
Praia do Rosa
Praia do Rosa is a beautiful beach and its popularity owes as much to the wealth of activities in the area. Excellent surf makes it one of the best spots in South Brazil, with the ASP World Surf Tour having their Brazil event at Imbituba down the coast. Kite-surfing is booming too, with ocean waves and the shallow Ibiraquera lagoon also being championship quality. The lagoon is also a perfect place to kayak and explore the shores and mangroves. June to November sees the appearance of Southern Right Whales and whale-watching boat trips from Imbituba to greet them.
Day 9 : Final Views of Floripa
Praia do Rosa to Florianopolis & Away
Depending on the time of your flight away from Florianopolis, there may be time for a quick trip to the Santa Catarina beaches heading north of the island. The Governador Celso Ramos Peninsula is a rugged area of tiny fishing villages with dolphins visiting one bay. The Bombas Peninsula has no dolphins but excellent beaches and scuba diving trips to islets off the coast. Stays on both peninsulas are also an option. After returning to the airport in Florianopolis, you can enjoy the views of the island and the Santa Catarina coastline one final time from your flight away.
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Do I require a Tourist Visa to enter Brazil and other countries visited during this tour?

Citizens of many countries require a Tourist Visa to enter Brazil, organised in advance at your nearest Brazil Consulate.
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Do I need any special vaccinations for the areas visited during this tour?

Visitors to Brazil and South America are advised to always check the latest health information from your local doctors or travel clinic.
You may be advised to take a course of Malaria tablets. Yellow Fever Vaccine is highly recommended/essential for the Pantanal & Amazon region, plus the certificate to prove it, and possibly Hepatitis A and B Vaccines.
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