Serra dos Orgaos Mountains Travel Information

The Serra dos Orgaos Mountains - Wild Adventures close to Rio

The Serra dos Orgaos Mountains and National Park is a wonderfully scenic area just an hour or two from the city of Rio de Janeiro. The peaks, which can actually be seen from Rio, are home to fantastic trekking, climbing and mountain biking. There is also REGUA, the ecological reserve at the foot of the mountains near Guapi-Açu, a haven for wildlife and birdlife, with various habitats such as Atlantic Rainforest, savannah and wetlands.

Suitable Destination For: Ecotourism and Adventure Lovers; Wildlife Lovers and Birders

Best Time to Visit: Any time of year can be good, although the mountain peaks can be closed by storms in the summer months of December to February

Essential Sights & Activities: The mountains of the Serra dos Orgaos, with the Dedo de Deus perhaps being the most photogenic; the short but spectacular Petropolis to Teresopolis Trek; Sunrise from the top of Pedra do Sino; Wildlife and Bird Observation at the REGUA Atlantic Rainforest Lodge

Serra dos Orgaos Mountains Tours